Here it is folks. £20.00. The gorgeous children’s Christmas box by Ely Grazing. 

Plain red bowed box or Christmas Eve picture front. 

🌟 Personalised message on the box. 
🌟 Fabulous characters to choose from. 
🌟 Christmas pencils and treats
🌟 Hot Chocolate Spoon and more. 
🎁 Reusable Box year on year too. 

Reserve is necessary. Limited stock already due to pre orders. 

Mouse green jumper
Mouse red jumper
Dog tangled in Christmas lights
Standing reindeer
Bear in Glove
Ginger Cat🐱 
Dog Christmas Jumper
Dog Carrying Presents. 

These boxes can be posted. 📬 


*please note, due to stock demand, some gems may be slightly different to those pictured. In the event we sell out of an item, it is always replaced with one, similar, of equal or more value and excellent quality.

Children’s Christmas Box